One Month Ago, Today!

It's crazy what time can do.

This day one month ago, I was resting, after having had SDR surgery just a few hours earlier. In the blurry, hectic and transformational days that followed, I had 18 therapy sessions, learned how to start moving spasticity-free, navigated the challenges (and challenging characters!) of early post-op recovery, met some phenomenal nurses and therapists who have since become dear friends...and saw the genuine beauty and kindness of St. Louis on full display.

I spent such cherished time with my Aunt as we road-tripped thousands of miles and experienced every up and down of this crazy journey side by side. I learned many life lessons, met a fellow SDR family from Cyprus who will forever hold a special place in my heart, witnessed a true out-of-the-blue miracle thanks to the magic of serendipity in St. Louis (blog to come later because....whoa!) and I discovered that yes....indeed...this dream I dreamed was worth every minute of the 3 years of work it took, to make happen. 💜

Tonight- one month later to the day (and 5.5 weeks in all) - after a 13 hour trek back to Canada on Thursday & Friday, and a wonderful Easter weekend spent visiting with those I love and have missed most?

Well, I'm home sweet HOME. 💖

I (still) have many messages and calls to return, updates on next steps to share, blogs to write, gifts to give, and thank-yous to send. I promise, I'm working on it all! 💪

Tonight though, my sweet cat Chloe is happy to have her "Mom" home at long last. Since she has firmly planted herself on my lap and is purring away - I think I'm finally just going to have a quiet, easy, early night. 😴

Daily physiotherapy begins again in the morning - and I can't wait to start finding my new (spasticity - free!) stride back home. 🎉