It Takes a Village to Make Dreams Come True...

It's been two weeks since I've settled in after our fundraising blitz in October - and I find myself still in awe of all that happened this past month. Having the opportunity to go home to Muskoka twice for our latest round of events, was just what I needed. There wasn't much rest to be had during this time, as we had 3 large fundraisers - three weekends in a row - but I couldn't have imagined a more perfect way to mark the one-year point of this journey. New blogs are 'in the works' to recap these events, as they were each too special on their own to just gloss over, here. But I can't really find the clarity to do them justice at the moment, because there is another pressing piece of news that I'm most happy to share with you tonight.

After 14 long months, 22 different fundraisers in all and a tremendous amount of hard work, it gives me such joy to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal! Because of the love, commitment and support from this community over the last year - and the selfless generosity of two beautiful families who have also chosen to help me on my journey - I now have peace of mind knowing that I will be able to move forward with SDR and PERCS. We are still awaiting a few key donations to come in from our Canoe Coffee Table draw, bracelet fundraiser and recent live theatre event but once they arrive, we anticipate that our fundraising needs will have been met. And so, it was important to me to share this news tonight, and to thank each of you for helping to make all of this possible.

It was hard to take that leap of faith to ask for help back in October 2017. Yet, I am so glad that I summoned the courage to do so, because this has been the most empowering experience of my life. Our primary focus from the start, was to first raise the funds needed in order to cover the expense of SDR surgery and our time in St. Louis. In the months to follow, we then planned to work on securing the remaining portion that was necessary, to account for my PERCS surgery as well as the exercise therapy that will be required to ensure that I achieve my best possible outcome. At many points, it seemed impossible that we could make both of these goals happen. Yet this community came together in ways I am in awe of, and will be forever grateful for.

It's next to impossible to describe the happiness and relief I feel in knowing....REALLY KNOWING...that I won't have to lose my mobility in the near future...AND that my days with spasticity are now numbered! Even more challenging to express, is the depth of gratitude I feel for every single person who has contributed to making this dream a reality. Your love, your time, your presence online or at our events, your donations, your listening ears and your encouragement - all of these things are gifts that hold equal significance in my heart. Without them - and without YOU - I wouldn't be able to dream about the brighter, pain-free future that is now within reach! I may not ever find a way to properly convey my thanks for all that you've done, but please know that it will be a joy and a personal mission of mine to pay your kindness forward to others, in the months and years to come!

As we look ahead to St. Louis, all updates will be shared here via our website: We hope you will continue to follow our journey as there is so much to look forward to and celebrate! For now, please enjoy the video below!


Thank you again, for everything - and for helping me to believe in the magic of new beginnings!